AANEEN is active

Association AANEEN organizes and attends various activities.
With the aim of increasing the name awareness of association AANEEN, bringing members together, or raising money for the projects it supports. With a can-catching information table, AANEEN is present at various events. Look for the various activities and dates in the calendar.

AANEEN’s activities can also be followed closely via social media, please go to

Catering & Workshops

Cooking together, eating together connects people. This fits exactly into the idea of AANEEN.

The varied Surinamese cuisine is something to be proud of. Rich influences of almost all continents can be tasted and seen in the delicious dishes.
AANEEN likes to introduce people to it.

Benefit Barbecue

Art and charity

Every year on May 5, a Benefit Barbecue is organized by AANEEN. While enjoying a snack and drink, the members of AANEEN and their guests, get the opportunity to meet each other and have a good time.

Sranan Tongo course

Surinamese. A special language.
Created by the input of the many colorful inhabitants Suriname has known. All people from so many different countries, find themselves , connect in Sranang Tongo.
The Surinamese language is therefore pre-eminently the language of AANEEN.

Especially for Jubilee members!

Are you a member of AANEEN and is your annual contribution equal or higher than the number of years AANEEN exists?

Then AANEEN would like to treat you to a free Surinamese Cooking Workshop, which is learning how to cook Surinamese cuisine and then enjoy eating it together!

Intercultural counseling within organizations


AANEEN is since the last century, well acquainted with Dutch and Surinamese culture and the dynamics therein. Like no other, AANEEN understands where a bridge can be built between these two cultures.
Today a challenging issue.

AANEEN can extend a helping hand in this.
Through tailor-made workshops, a good understanding of both Dutch and Surinamese culture is created. Highly recommended if you want to invest in the relationship/work atmosphere between people from these backgrounds.

More info, mail us.

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