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A boost to your health within a few ´clicks´ at your home.

Since several years, Vereniging AANEEN distributes healthy herbs in powder form and as tea, within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. In the webshop you will find the ´best of Mother Earth´ at a glance. The products are produced in cooperation with various farmers from Suriname. Moringa, Marva, Pure Cacao and Papaya, is a selection of the current range. All herbs are grown with attention, love and knowledge in a 100% organic way.

That means no use of chemicals and fertilizers and no use of G.M.O. crops.

This is the best way to help you achieve better health.

If you want to know more about how the herbs work or have specific questions, you can also request a tea consultation. You can then put together a tea package with consultation that meets your personal situation.

What can different herbal teas do for you?

coroNEEtea: pure or as a mixed tea, with the combination of lemongrass / ginger / monkimonkikersi, this tea helps your body get fit. Helps well with flu symptoms.

Cotton: the women’s tea, supports cleansing of the uterus and pubic area.

Marva: helps remove excess fat pads, supports the intestines for good bowel movement, helps fight internal infections.

Moringa: the vitamin tea, helps build your energy levels allover, also available in powder form! Easy to add in smoothies or yogurt.

Moringa-Nana: see Moringa+the Nana (=Mint) , provides fresh breath.

Natural Boost: the duo tea, the combination of Marva + Moringa, this tea is like a real pick-me-up for your body, also helps lower blood pressure.

Neem tea: known for its anti-bacterial, cleansing effect. Helps purge bad bacteria growth in/on the body. Also recommended for acne+illness!

Papaya: helps against all kinds of inflammation in the body.

Pecah Beling: supports the cleansing of the urinary tract, also recommended for prostate complaints / cystitis.

Acid sac: the cleanser par excellence! Helps your body in cleansing you of all waste products, and negative things in your body. Also good for depression and poor sleep.

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