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Vacancies & Internships

Vacancies & Internships

Grow with us!

At AANEEN, of course, we never sit still. Year after year, AANEEN is busy organizing and professionalizing even more.

AANEEN is always in need of good, enthusiastic people for various positions. The positions range from financial officer to blogger, from secretary to IT specialist.


Current vacancies

AANEEN Fundraiser.
Independent fundraiser m/f who knows how to raise existing and new funds for AANEEN’s projects at every level, commission is based on funds brought in.

World store employee wanted!
Wereldwinkel AANEEN is part of association AANEEN, which carries out social projects in the Netherlands and Suriname, and focuses on the social connection of people. Wereldwinkel AANEEN sells fair trade articles for the benefit of the social projects of the association AANEEN. We are looking for a part-time employee to join our team.

About the position…
– opening / closing the store
– keeping the area clean and tidy
– selling items
– manning the coffee corner
– light administrative work

Job Requirements;
Are you…
– customer friendly and hospitable?
– sociable?
– eager to learn?
– available one part of the day per week from 08:00 to 12:00 or 12:00 to 18:00?

AANEEN offers:
– mega fun workplace,
– training opportunities both internal and external,
– discount in the store,
– nice social contact with the neighborhood and local residents,
– large degree of independence and own creativity is given space,
– free food at social projects of association AANEEN,
– travel expenses.

Open Application

Would you like to do more for AANEEN by using your talent and your desired job opening is not listed below? We are always open for extra help. Feel free to contact us at any time!

AAEEN, that’s you. grow with us!

Preparation Training

Are you going to Suriname for volunteer work or an internship?

You are interested or have already made the beautiful choice to do an internship in Suriname, and/or volunteer there. New and challenging experiences will come your way. A good preparation is indispensable. After all, you want to do something good by helping people, make a difference and get to know a new culture. How do you ensure that you are well prepared and that your volunteer work really has a positive impact? Follow the AANEEN Volunteer Preparation Course in Suriname.

AANEEN has had experience with volunteer work in Suriname since 2006 and to this day often receives requests from members, who are about to leave for Suriname, to volunteer there at one of AANEEN’s social projects.

In consultation with the project owners in Suriname and AANEEN, a number of important issues have emerged that will benefit the volunteer work there. So that sustainable and qualitative results are achieved for both the volunteer and the project, which have a positive impact.

This training can be followed by anyone planning to volunteer in Suriname. For volunteers who wish to volunteer in Suriname through mediation AANEEN, this training is mandatory.

In one half day, you will learn more about what to expect at your volunteer job in Suriname. From the mouths of Dutch / Surinamese trainers you will hear the ins and outs of this.

The AANEEN Volunteer Preparation Training Suriname is a personalized training tailored to your questions and your volunteer position.

– The following topics are covered during the training:
– How do you best present yourself as a volunteer in Suriname?
– What are the do’s and don’ts?
– Cultural differences are highlighted using clear examples.
– Current and practical information to make your trip and stay in Suriname as successful as possible will be shared with you.

Cost of participation in training: €45, = per person.
 AANEEN members receive 50% discount on this training.

Dates: every Sunday,
minimum 1-maximum 12 participants.

Times: 09.00-12.00, or 13.00-16.00

Location: AANEEN, Gorontalostraat 21, Amsterdam.

Excluding the Surinamese Lunch buffet,
12.00-13.00: €9

Social Internship

Looking for an instructive internship?

Being an intern at AANEEN is not only fun, but also very instructive.
 Interns from various (vocational) schools are welcome.
 AANEEN consults with the intern which learning objectives need to be achieved and where he/she can best be deployed.
An internship at AANEEN is practice in practice.
At this moment there are the following internships at the AANEEN World Shop:

Assistant sales/retail (25257) (Level 1)
B1-K1-W1 Prepares (assists) work.
B1-K1-W2 Carries out (assisting) work.
B1-K1-W3 Signs off on completion of (assisting) work.
P5-K1-W1 Carries out work in receiving and storing goods and/or products
P5-K1-W2 Maintains item presentation.
P5-K1-W3 Performs work in looking after and maintaining the workplace and work environment.
P5-K2-W1 Receives the customer.
P5-K2-W2 Assists selling colleagues.

VMBO Apprenticeship / Boris
VMBO – Trade (19002) (Level LWT) VMBO – Trade.
In the AANEEN World Shop, trainees learn to work with financial administration, set up the store neatly and keep it clean, price items and deal with customers.

In the project ‘Tools from Holland’ of association AANEEN, the interns actively participate in collecting good stuff from local residents.

stage aaneen

They learn how to find their way, and come up with profitable actions themselves. If you would like more information about internships at AANEEN, please send us an mail.

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