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AANEEN oversees that at least 75% of every incoming euro is spent on AANEEN’s projects.

This is according to CBF seal of approval. At 10,000 members, AANEEN will apply for the CBF seal of approval for small charities.

This decision will be discussed again in the Annual General Meeting of Members in due course.

This is because there are significant structural costs associated with the CBF Seal of Approval.

AANEEN naturally respects the vote of the members regarding this decision.

These companies and organizations already support us:

Promote your business for free

You can promote your company / product for free. Association AANEEN, is committed, among other things, to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Suriname.
To recruit members, AANEEN visits various festivals and performances, where visitors are treated to goodie bags with information AANEEN general and a nice gift.

Will you help fill these goodie bags?
This can be done for example with fun gadgets / samples / discount coupons from your store. The ideal way to make your product cq services known to potential customers. Put your company in the spotlight!

Support AANEEN and win prizes

The Friends Lottery is the lottery for charities. If you play along for Vereniging AANEEN, AANEEN gets half of every ticket purchased per draw! A ticket in the Friends Lottery costs € 13.50 per draw including Jackpot Bonus of € 0.50. There are fourteen draws per year of which two without Jackpot Bonus. You can support AANEEN within “Is your (existing) lottery ticket already playing for AANEEN?”

For new lottery tickets, click on the logo, for existing lottery tickets email us

Starting your own action

Do you have an idea to support AANEEN?
Gladly! Be welcome, AANEEN is happy to support you in this. Email us your action proposal, we look forward to receiving it.

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