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Project staff P. Lieuw-Hie, K.Lampe, H.Eiflaar
Start date 31-01-2007
Collaborative partners Stichting Lobi, Suriname Men United, Stichting Rachab voorheen: Stichting Maxi Linder, Harvey Eiflaar
Stichting de Stem
Sponsors HIVOS tot medio 2010
Sponsored amount See sponsorship schedule below + own contributions AANEEN

Stopping HIV and AIDS in Suriname is stopping HIV and AIDS in the Netherlands.

From the figures that are known, 10,000 of the 500,000 people living in Suriname have the deadly virus. And that number is growing and certainly higher in reality because there is a certain taboo about this disease. Many children have already been orphaned by the early loss of parents. Many young adults have never had the chance to complete their lives.

Education and prevention

The Maxi Linder Foundation, Herenstraat 32 in Paramaribo, has been working with heart and soul since 1994 to prevent the spread of HIV and for a dignified existence of HIV patients and is one of the few organizations doing this work. Started under the leadership of Ms. Juanita Altenberg and her group of volunteers, including doctors, the foundation has become a household name in the fight against AIDS. Through effective education in schools, in brothels to sex workers, domestically and in various places frequented by young people, this disease is brought out of the taboo.

This is important, because if something is taken out of the taboo, and people can therefore talk about it openly, without feeling ashamed, then people can be helped, saved. A country cannot develop if the population is not healthy.

And clear, lucid information is given on how to prevent this disease. Therefore, the emphasis of this foundation is on Safe Sex. To promote Safe Sex, the foundation distributes free condoms in addition to education so that the disease is less easily spread. Each month, there are about 5,000 requests for condoms at the foundation. Unfortunately, there is a structural lack of good and affordable condoms, so the foundation is unable to respond.


AANEEN invests in the prevention of this terrible disease, and in the research for a cure, so that this wretched disease can be eradicated forever! For a future without AIDS. Clear, straightforward information is given to patients and those around them on how to prevent this disease and how to deal with it in everyday life.
The emphasis of this foundation is on Safe Sex.

AANEEN donates condoms + condom vending machines to the Lobi Foundation, among others, to facilitate its work with regard to information. It is important that the machines are refilled regularly, so that anonymous and cheap condoms can be obtained at all times to enable safe sex.

Will you sponsor the next fill? Become a member for 1 euro or more per month. The goal is to send enough condoms per month to keep the vending machines filled.

For the film report of AANEEN in Suriname, placing condom vending machines, please see: here and here

What When Where Who
144 condoms refill for condom dispensers+1210 condoms 22 March 2017 Lobi Foundation AANEEN & AHF

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