Socially better world

Vereniging AANEEN considers it important to help create a socially better world. It does this by, among other things, supporting projects in the Netherlands and Suriname that work for the benefit of fellow human beings. This is done mainly by giving practical help and providing resources.

AANEEN believes in direct help that can be provided in the short term. This approach has proven effective for many years. To keep this true, AANEEN must continue to increase its membership.

Currently, association AANEEN carries out the following projects:

Tools from Holland

Safe Suriname

World store 

AANEEN Project Trip Annually, ambassadors from AANEEN’s membership visit one of the organizations AANEEN supports in Suriname. They do this during their vacation, so there is a win-win situation.

 On the one hand, it saves AANEEN the necessary costs of expensive project trips. On the other hand, the ambassadors give a valuable interpretation of part of their time in Suriname.

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