Sranan Tongocourse

A special language.
Created by the input of the many colorful inhabitants Suriname has known.
All people from so many different countries, find themselves, connect in Sranan Tongo. The Surinamese language is therefore pre-eminently the language of AANEEN.
Surinamese words find access in the Dutch common language. Because by now everyone knows what the words ‘feti, ‘lobi’ and ‘mati’ mean, among others. Funnily enough, not everyone knows that these words are of Surinamese origin.
Still, many people have the interest, to be able to speak and understand more of this language. For vacationers and many Dutch interns visiting Suriname, it is almost a must.
It is striking that there are plenty of people of Surinamese descent who do not learn the language from home. Often the interest arises to learn the language, even if it is only the minimum basis. AANEEN provides this by offering various courses Surinamese.

There are multiple levels in this, starting throughout the year online and on location:

Class days, costs and times;

Please let us know by when, you wish to take what day and time classes. (Any day, Monday-Sunday is possible; between 12.00-21.00)

Lesson block: 12 lessons.
1 a 2 x per week lesson is recommended.

Lesson duration:
– Online: 33 minutes
– On location in Amsterdam: 51 minutes
– Lesson practical talking on the phone: 15 minutes

After lesson block 1 you have a good basis practical, modern Sranan. 

After 4 blocks of lessons, you will have complete writing skills and know about the different verb tenses

You may catch up on missed lessons at any time during the lesson block.

Costs total including homework help and lesson materials: €520.


Homework + Support, available daily by email.
Each week you are entitled to 5 phone minutes to address personal issues.
Access to Whatsapp group Sranan Tongo for fun interaction with other course participants.

The lesson groups are quite small, from 1 participant the courses go on, so there is full attention and a good pace.

Teaching method; On the basis of visual images, listening exercises and practical talking & possibly writing we teach you Sranan. 

Are you already advanced in speaking the language, and would you like to practice with the “odo” = Surinamese proverbs , then join the monthly ‘Koti Odo-Taki’.

Every 1st monday of the month : 21:00-21:30


Sign up through:

Cost : 34 euro.

The verb tenses to make sentences are all well covered in the lessons.

Location Lessons: AANEEN, Gorontalostraat 21, Amsterdam.
Online classes via: Google Meet / Zoom.

Are you a 10-euro member of AANEEN? Then you will receive at least 30% discount on all lessons.
More info and registration:

Do you know that the Surinamese language has wonderful puwema (= poems) and odo (= proverbs )?

Below is a poem by poet R.Dobru, from 1973, called: ‘ Wan Bon’, a poem that reflects the thoughts of association AANEEN wonderfully well!


Wan bon

Wan bon
someni wiwiri
wan bon.

Wan liba
someni kriki
ala e go wan se.

Wan ede
someni prakseri
prakseri pe wan bun mu de.

Wan Gado
someni fasi tu anbegi
ma wan Papa.

Wan Sranan
someni wiwiri
someni skin
someni tongo
wan pipel.

By: R. Dobru 1973


One tree

so many leaves

One tree.

One river

so many creeks

all going to the sea.

One head

so many thoughts

thoughts for one purpose.

One God

different to worship

But one single Father.

One Suriname

so many kinds of hair

so many skin colors

so many languages

one people.

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