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AANEEN since 1990 has been committed to strengthening social cohesion in society so that people can help each other
help each other where needed.

Objective AANEEN is helping to create a world where people reach out to each other when necessary.

AANEEN focuses particularly on vulnerable groups of people.

This does AANEEN by setting up aid projects and being the umbrella and support organization, for private social initiatives and other humanitarian organizations.

To fund these projects, AANEEN recruits members, who pay a voluntary annual membership fee.

In addition, AANEEN raises funds and sponsors and applies for project grants where appropriate.

AANEEN has no profit motive, this means that all income is for the benefit of the implementation objective AANEEN.

The members of AANEEN have a voice in the implementation of the projects, through the Annual General Meeting, every year on May 4, from 16.00-18.00 at AANEEN location.

AANEEN’s board and management manage income and expenses.

The income is spent on AANEEN’s projects.

The AANEEN board works unpaid.

our mission and vision

AANEEN builds a bridge between the Netherlands and Suriname

The activities of association AANEEN concern since 1990, the organization and stimulation of socio-cultural activities particularly aimed at promoting understanding of Surinamese culture and
supporting social projects in Suriname and the Netherlands. Gradually AANEEN has projected this objective to other cultures as well.

AANEEN stands for the connection between people. Because there where people (re)get to know each other, recognition for each other arises, and with that
fear of the other makes way for valuable relationships between people.

Direct support through short lines of communication and direct contacts

In addition to its work in the Netherlands, Vereniging AANEEN supports social projects in Suriname that help vulnerable people.

Every month AANEEN sends various resources such as diapers, toys, games, children’s clothing, wheelchairs and school supplies to various care institutions there, such as children’s homes.

AANEEN believes in continuity, in consistent help to bring about positive change. In this, the members of AANEEN have a crucial role; their loyalty is vital to AANEEN’s work.

Our main focus is to combat of the AIDS/HIV

The spearhead, however, is reducing the percentage of HIV/AIDS-infected people, 1 in 25 people are affected, in Suriname.

Because Suriname has close ties with the Netherlands, an average of 1,500 Dutch interns do their internship in Suriname each year. In addition, half of Suriname’s population resides in the Netherlands. Therefore, this Hiv-AIDS approach in Suriname also clearly relates to the Netherlands.

AANEEN cooperates with several foundations in Suriname, including the Lobi Foundation in Paramaribo. This foundation provides information, education, HIV and STD testing and counseling for HIV/AIDS-infected people and their environment.

AANEEN supports Stichting Lobi with materials, particularly by sending condoms and condom vending machines so that they can be placed in places where many young people come and in working-class neighborhoods. Through the work of this foundation and others, awareness is going to grow among youth that safe sex must be practiced, but that must be supported by physical means, such as condoms and condom vending machines.

For all other foundations and organizations supported by AANEEN, see Addresses Suriname

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Board to one

J. Zijlstra: Voorzitter AANEEN

R. Sweeb: Penningmeester AANEEN

L. Uiterloo: Secretaris AANEEN

P. Lieuw-Hie: Directie AANEEN

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