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Donation Doing

Donation Doing

Would you like to support association AANEEN? You can! Every contribution is welcome.
Simply transfer your desired contribution via your preferred payment method, see below, or make a (periodic) transfer via your bank in favor of AANEEN, account number NL27ABNA0461601540


Periodic donation

What is a periodic donation to AANEEN?

A periodic donation is a structural gift to a charity (ANBI) that is recorded in writing. AANEEN is a recognized ANBI institution, RSIN number: 814817737

The term of this donation agreement is a minimum of five years. You will give a fixed amount to AANEEN at least once a year. You may decide whether to split that annual amount into several monthly amounts.

What are the advantages for you as a donor?
The big advantage for you is that your donation is fully deductible from your taxable income and thus receive a portion of your gift back from the Inland Revenue. Donations that are not recorded in writing as a periodic gift/gift are not deductible or only a small part is deductible. Thus, by putting the donation in writing, you can:

– keep more money from your annual donations;
– donate more without it costing you more.

The tax benefit depends on your income, your tax partner’s income and the age of both of you. This benefit can be as high as 52%!

What are the benefits to AANEEN?
The advantage for AANEEN is your structural support, with this AANEEN is assured of financial support for a longer period of time.

This makes it easier for AANEEN to finance its projects for a longer period of time.

How do you arrange a periodic donation?
Would you like to convert your existing donation? Then email us

Or if you would like to support AANEEN directly with a periodic donation, you will need a donation agreement, which AANEEN would be happy to send you. email for this also citing “Periodic Donation.

Vereniging AANEEN is a recognized ANBI institution.
 This means that your donations are tax deductible.

Collectors and Savings Pool Holders

AANEEN gratefully makes use of a network of collectors and thrift store holders. The collectors collect once a year for AANEEN in their own neighborhood. The savers are companies that have the well-known globe-saving jar on their counter/office and thus save together with their customers/colleagues for AANEEN. See below the list of savers. Would you like to collect or also have a money box in your company?
Send us an email

Amsterdam, Sierplein 48
Amsterdam, Rijnstraat 36
Amsterdam, Pretoriusstraat 4
Amsterdam, Bijlmerdreef 494-c
Amsterdam, Albert Cuypstraat 12/14
Amsterdam, Rijnstraat 218
Amsterdam, C. Krusemanstraat 66
Amsterdam, Bijlmerplein 147
Amsterdam, Weteringschans 165
Amsterdam, Krugerplein 4
Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, Dorpsplein 54
Haarlem, Prinses Beatrixplein 73/75
Rotterdam, West-kruiskade 33-b
Weesp, Nieuwstad 64
Zandvoort, Kamerlingh Onnesstraat 23

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