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AANEEN stands for a better world and connecting people in it in a positive way.
Fair trade is part of that.

The label ‘Fairtrade Suriname’ is the label that association AANEEN connects to products originating from Suriname, where the producers meet the following conditions of fair trade:

Operations are environmentally friendly.

People work with respect for labor rights and adhere to a transparent, democratic way of working. Slave labor is out of the question.
Workers are adults, and receive fair and living wages.
The company is affiliated with association AANEEN. This is directly linked to Corporate Social Responsibility.
Part of the revenue of the company benefits the vulnerable in the Surinamese community through the work of AANEEN.

Also apply for the AANEEN hallmark? Mail to:


World Store AANEEN

World store AANEEN is the store of the association AANEEN. With every purchase, you support the association.

Everything is sold here out of social commitment.
This beautiful store is located at Gorontalostraat 21 in Amsterdam-Oost, the original starting place of AANEEN. The unique products sold there are 100% Fairtrade, meaning the maker gets a fair price for them, and people and the environment are respected at all times.

Besides the fact that you will find beautiful, special products in the AANEEN World Shop, you will also find special people there. People with a distance to the labor market who get the chance to make a valuable contribution to the AANEEN World Shop. For example, the single mother, without paid work, is able to bake delicious cakes and is invited by AANEEN to sell these products in the World Shop. The proceeds of the cakes are then for herself in exchange for volunteer work. Similarly, the young lady Levana, who is no longer able to participate in a full-fledged job due to her disability, still makes a valuable contribution to the AANEEN World Shop, where she is allowed to carry out her tasks at her own pace and she is very proud of her new daily schedule.

Store space and schooling are provided to these people so that they can best develop as independent entrepreneurs. Part of the proceeds from the sale will benefit AANEEN’s social projects, especially the Hiv/AIDS fight in the Caribbean.

“Out of social isolation and towards paid work!”


Mom’s Birthday Calendar

The mother figure has traditionally had an important place in Surinamese culture. Often she is husband + wife, father + mother at the same time, and can stand her ground. As a tribute to all mothers this birthday calendar is made.

Beautiful birthday calendar
With carefully selected images of the beautiful Surinamese nature and a nice selection of ‘odo’s (Surinamese proverbs).
There is plenty of space to write down birthdays, so all friends, family, children and grandchildren will find a place in this birthday calendar.

Verjaardagskalender met Surinaamse vrouw in koto aan de voorkant en Surinaamse natuur bovenaan elke maand.
Met dank aan: A.Bijsterbosch MOKSI Magazine J.Neijhorst J.Schipper L.Verspeek

Leuk om cadeau te geven!
Members of AANEEN receive this birthday calendar for free. Ordering is also possible! A single copy costs € 28,99 excluding shipping. Send an email with the required number of calendars to: info@verenigingaaneen.nl

Cookbook ‘Look in the Kitchen’.

The compilation of the successful cooking project of the association AANEEN

AANEEN’s unique cookbook with original home recipes and tips from the Surinamese kitchen.

Ordering? € 52.00 per copy. Transfer the total amount, stating your name, address and desired amount to:

AANEEN, NL27 ABNA0461601540
Your order will be delivered to your home within 10 working days.

More info, mail with: koken@verenigingaaneen.nl

Herbal teas from the Amazon – Also available online

The world store AANEEN sells in cooperation with Pikin Sranan various types of herbal teas grown 100% naturally in Suriname!
That means no use of chemicals and fertilizers and no use of G.M.O. crops.
These teas are also online available. These herbs from Suriname support the immune system, something extra important to maintain at this time.
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