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Partner Organizations

Partner Organizations

Below is the list of organizations in the Antilles, the Netherlands and Suriname supported by AANEEN and in what ways:

The Big 5 Foundation
HIV Prevention for and by young people in the interior of Suriname.
 Allianceweg 20, Latour, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends HIV prevention materials such as condoms and education.

Children and Families
HIV/AIDS control Papatastraat 17, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends clothing

Children’s home Plantation Leliendaal, Commewijne

AANEEN sends clothing

Lotus House
Home for malnourished children Metaalstraat 2, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends food and children’s clothing

Mr. Huber Foundation
Children’s home NIddastraat 20, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends clothing

Naks University College
Temporary shelter Nos Kasita
Children’s home Van Drimmelenweg 13, Leliedorp

AANEEN sends clothing

For young people Flora Orvistraat 64, Paramaribo

Through this site, AANEEN hopes to raise donations and funds for, among other things, computers.

AANEEN sends clothing

Betheljada Foundation
Shelter for disabled children Cornelis Jongbawstraat 55, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends wheelchairs and diapers

Claudia A Foundation
Orphanage for children affected by HIV.
Calcuttastraat 91 Paramaribo

AANEEN sends food and summer clothing.

Foundation I’m thinking of you!
Cares for the orphans of Suriname van Roosmalenstraat 38, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends doll’s houses and cuddly toys

Jepie wan anu Foundation
Helps children with Hiv/AIDS Garnizoenspad 26, Saramacca
AANEEN hopes to raise donations and funds for leisure days for these children through this site.

Lobi Foundation
Responsible parenting and sex education Fajalobistraat 16, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends condom dispensers and refills

Nirvana Foundation
Young people make Christmas packages for the underprivileged Anniestraat 10, Paramaribo

AANEEN hopes to use this site to raise funds/donations for the annual Christmas hampers project ‘Give X-Mas Love’.

AANEEN sends clothing

Prasoro Foundation
For children in need Kinderdorpstraat 2-4, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends toys for children

Chances for life. (formerly Maxi Linder Foundation) HIV-AIDS control and education for sex workers, vulnerable youth and women.
Verlengde gemenelandsweg 121 Paramaribo.

AANEEN sends prevention materials such as condoms and lubricant for the purpose of Hiv-AIDS control.

Solom Foundation
Development Suriname.
 Frederichweg 76, Nickerie

AANEEN sends clothing

The Voice Foundation

”The Salvation Army of Suriname” Christian Rehabilitation Center for Addicts.

De Boer Buiten 76

AANEEN sends tools for the outpatient clinic.

Tamara Foundation
Shelter for neglected children

Adroestraat 107, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends computers

Suriname Men United
Fight against HIV/AIDS

Oude Charlesburg 63, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends gay condoms

Unu Pikin
Education for children

De Boer Buiten 34c, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends teaching materials and school supplies

Care and nursing home Ashiana
Residential care center for seniors

Lalla Rookhweg 91, Paramaribo

AANEEN sends incontinence materials and walkers, among other things

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