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AANEEN in the media

AANEEN in the media


July 2017
HIV prevention by Project Safe Suriname of Vereniging AANEEN

March 2017
Resources from Holland in GFC News, March 22, 2017:

February 2017

Humans of Amsterdam Oost
“I worked as a stewardess for twelve years. In the last few years that I was a flight attendant, I already did some volunteer work. I was interested in helping people because when you go to certain countries, you see a lot of luxury. Especially where we stay. We stay in very nice hotels in very good areas. It is also for our safety that we don’t stay in certain areas, so we always have the best environment. But then when you are in that country as a tourist, you see also another side of that country. You also see the poverty. So I started doing volunteer work by bringing extra suitcases with relief supplies to the orphanages in the countries that I visited. I did that with a group of stewardesses called Wings of Support. Then I also started to bring extra relief supplies to Suriname, which is my birthplace. The high HIV rate is the problem in Suriname, so I started to bring things like condoms with me. I got in touch with other organizations in Suriname while I kept helping on my own. We cooperated with Suriname. I have been volunteering the last ten years. Everything we sell in this shop is for charity, they are connected to projects we do in Suriname. It’s a charity shop. We connect Suriname with Holland and tell people about the situation in Suriname. Because Suriname is still Dutch speaking, lots of Dutch people go there every year so when there is a problem like HIV it also relates to the Netherlands.”
(Indische Buurt, Amsterdam East)


AANEEN in magazine Stadleven van woningbouwcorporatie Stadgenoot Amsterdam, December 2016.


AANEEN in newspaper ‘Het Licht’ of foundation the Voice in Suriname.

Project AANEEN Boxing for a Better Neighborhood – neighborhood desk


December 11, 2014, East Amsterdam City Council;
AANEEN President Norine Hunsel receives honorary badge from Gemeente Amsterdam for 25 years of AANEEN volunteer service.

World store AANEEN and book Makandra

Project AANEEN Boxing for a Better Neighborhood – October/November 2014: ‘AANEEN Association X Supersintmaarten Makassar Square.’

May 2014: Project AANEEN Boxing for a Better Neighborhood – ‘AANEEN talks about Freedom i.c.w. Heartlinq May 2014. Watch the video!

March 2014: ‘AANEEN in De Zaak magazine March 2014; including on fundraising’:

Jan. 2, 2014: Project AANEEN Tools from Holland – Live report on RTV Diemen, Tropical Paradise. AANEEN employee Kor Lampe in Suriname visiting Nos Kasitha.


November: Interview Secretary Willem Stoop on AANEEN work in Personnel magazine Turien Magazine, November 2013.

Oct. 2: Prime Minister Rutte on neighborhood visit in the Indian neighborhood.

July: Makassarplein Newsletter Four friends of Makassarplein speak out, including Palmira of AANEEN Association. Project AANEEN Boxing for a Better Neighborhood

July 8: Newsletter Together Indian Neighborhood

Penningmeester AANEEN naast wethouder Nevin Ozutok

Neighborhood plans get money. 
The residents’ jury of Amsterdam East has awarded 29 neighborhood plans from the Indische Buurt a cash prize to implement their plan. There were 43 neighborhood plans submitted. The jury, consisting of nine residents, critically assessed the plans based on criteria set in advance. ‘We also considered the visibility, appearance and sustainability of the neighborhood plans important,’ says Adrie Barnhard, chairman. ‘There appears to be a great commitment to the neighborhood.’

The jury was also pleasantly surprised by the quality and diversity of the plans. Many plans are about greenery, health and cooking together with products from their own gardens. Other neighborhood plans involve training residents in work and learning programs. With these small-scale local initiatives, residents of the Indische Buurt volunteer to work on something new. They get to know each other and also contribute to a better neighborhood.
On July 4 was the festive presentation of the funds to the winning plans. Samen Indische Buurt, the cooperation of the district East with three corporations, finances the neighborhood plans.

Jan. 27: Project AANEEN-Safe Suriname – Radio FunX interview with AANEEN (listen below)

March 18, 2013: Together Indian Neighborhood newspaper about AANEEN Neighborhood Store.

Cooking for Majesty


March 2012: AANEEN on website with its projects Stay in Motion and Look in the Kitchen


2011 Radio interview

4 July 2011: Radio Sunshine Radio interview at Radio Sunshine in program Serviela Subject: Become a 1-euro-member of AANEEN and support its projects

25 March 2011: Radio RTV Diemen Radio interview at RTV Diemen in program Tropical Paradise Subject: AANEEN and its projects Repetition on 29 March 2011 between 7 and 9 am

March 18, 2011: Project AANEEN – Resources from Holland – Starnieuws Article in Starnieuws “Director Ashiana is grateful to society for support” Subject: Ashiana.



December 2010: Volunteers Centrale Amsterdam VCA; AANEEN wins Social Internships project Topic: Social Internships .

September 22, 2010: Project AANEEN-Safe Suriname – Radio Domino in Slotervaart Hospital Radio interview at Radio Domino, about AANEEN activities, especially AANEEN project Stewardesses For Safe Surinam, the fight against HIV/AIDS in Suriname . Subject: AANEEN and HIV/AIDS

August 18, 2010: Project AANEEN-Safe Surinam – Happy Life Website Publication Happy Life: Letter of thanks from Unu Pikin to AANEEN Subject: AANEEN and Happy Life collaboration on AANEEN project Aids From Holland

21 February 2010: Project AANEEN-Safe Suriname – Radio Bangsa Jawa Radio interview at Radio Bangsa Jawa Subject: Lobi Foundation


September 2, 2009: Project AANEEN-Safe Suriname – KRO TV broadcast “Geld Speelt Geen Rol”.

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