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Thanks to the support of its members and sponsors, Association AANEEN has been active for over 30 years. Especially in these times, your support is more than welcome. You can make a one-time or periodic donation via iDeal or credit card. And, your donation is tax deductible. You are a member of the association until revocation. You can cancel or change your contribution at any time viae-mail:

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Suriname Fairtrade

Fair Trade Suriname is not a charity organization but a cooperation for the purpose of developing fair trade with Suriname.

sranan you learn by aaneen, ala dey
the language that connects


A special language.

Created by the input of the many colorful inhabitants Suriname has known.

All the people from so many different countries, find themselves, and connect in Sranan Tongo. The Surinamese language is therefore pre-eminently the language of  AANEEN. 

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Years active

aaneen is everyone!

We are an association of people who reach out a helping hand to our fellow man. Together with you, we are committed to those projects, where vulnerable goepen people benefit. Especially in the Netherlands and Suriname.

Mission & vision

The activities of association AANEEN concern, organizing and stimulating social cultural activities. We have been doing this since 1990. We are particularly focused on promoting understanding of Surinamese culture and supporting social projects. Both in Suriname and in the Netherlands.

Gradually AANEEN has projected this objective to other cultures as well.
 AANEEN stands for the connection between people. Because where people (re)get to know each other, recognition for each other arises, and thus fear of the other makes way for valuable relationships between people.


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