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Association AANEEN has a board, members and volunteers.

A written record is kept of the members and volunteers. 
The number of members in May 2020: 1165.

Would you also like to become an AANEEN member and support our projects, please fill out the form below.

You are already AANEEN-er from 1 euro per month.

“I am a friend of AANEEN because AANEEN is committed to its fellow man in a positive way." Ray Flu, ambulance worker and Amsterdammer of the year.

“I am a friend of AANEEN because I already support 100 charities, so this one can definitely be one of them.” Quintis Ristie

Registration form for new members

Cancellation may be made at any time

theepakket cadeau


As a thank you for signing up as an AANEEN member, you will receive 1 free tea package from Fairtrade AANEEN Suriname.

At any time, you can determine the amount of your membership.

You can also cancel it at any time. By email or in writing:

Association AANEEN, Gorontalostraat 21, 1095 TM, Amsterdam

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