Happy Within Your Neighborhood

“Doing good outside your neighborhood, starts within your neighborhood.”
Palmira Lieuw

    With connecting projects in Amsterdam East, AANEEN hopes to inspire people there already to extend a helping hand to each other.
Starting with youth, AANEEN is doing everything it can to be a good example of an inclusive, social World.
As an African verb says:
‘It takes three to make a child, though a whole village to raise it’.

Our mission

The activities of the AANEEN association include organizing and stimulating socio-cultural activities and social humanity.

We have been doing this since 1990. We focus particularly on promoting understanding of Surinamese culture and supporting social projects. Both in Suriname and in the Netherlands.

Gradually AANEEN has also projected this objective onto other cultures because AANEEN stands for respectful connection between people. Where people get to know each other, recognition for each other arises and fear of others makes way for valuable relationships between people.

Our Projects

Vereniging AANEEN considers it important to help create a socially better world. It does this in part by supporting projects in the Netherlands and Suriname that work to help people.

This is done mainly by providing practical help and resources.

AANEEN believes in direct help that can be delivered in the short term. This approach has proven effective for many years.

To continue to do this, AANEEN must continue to expand its membership.

Our donations

Thanks to the support of its members and sponsors, Association AANEEN has been active for more than 30 years. Especially in these times, your support is more than welcome. You can make a one-time or periodic donation via transfer to AANEEN ,

NL27ABNA0461601540 ,

Please could you pay me for ‘Blij Binnen je Buurt AANEEN Donatie’ via:


Great news; your donation is tax deductible. AANEEN is recognized by the tax authorities as an ANBI institution.

You are a member of the association until cancellation.

You can cancel or adjust your contribution at any time via

e-mail: info@verenigingaaneen.nl

AANEEN is EVERYONE and does not do the work alone!

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